Wire Fox Terrier

Wire Fox Terrier


15½ inches


18 pounds (male), 15-17 (female)

Life Expectency

12-15 years



The Terrier should be alert, quick of movement, keen of expression, on the tip-toe of expectation at the slightest provocation. Character is imparted by the expression of the eyes and by the carriage of ears and tail. Bone and strength in a small co


The length of the head of a full-grown well developed dog of correct size – measured with calipers – from the back of the occipital bone to the nostrils-should be from 7 to 7¼ inches, the bitch’s head being proportionat


Neck should be clean, muscular, of fair length, free from throatiness and presenting a graceful curve when viewed from the side. The back should be short and level with no appearance of slackness the loins muscular and ve


Shoulders when viewed from the front should slope steeply downwards from their juncture, with the neck towards the points, which should be fine. When viewed from the side they should be long, well laid back, and should slope obliquely backwards from point


Should be strong and muscular, quite free from droop or crouch; the thighs long and powerful; the stifles well curved and turned neither in nor out; the hock joints well bent and near the ground; the hocks perfectly upright and parallel with each other wh


The best coats appear to be broken, the hairs having a tendency to twist, and are of dense, wiry texture – like coconut matting – the hairs growing so closely and strongly together that, when parted with the fingers, the skin cannot be seen. A