Bergamasco Sheepdog

Bergamasco Sheepdog

Generally happy with kids and other animals, the low-maintenance and robustly healthy Bergamasco is much more than a show-stopping hairdo. Eager to please, smart, and stubbornly devoted to work, Bergamascos are patient but protective.


23.5 inches (male), 22 inches (female)


70-84 pounds (male), 57-71 pounds (female)

Life Expectency

13-15 years



The Bergamasco Sheepdog is a muscular, heavy-boned herding dog with a large head and a thick tail that hangs down to the hock and curves slightly upward at the end. The entire dog is covered with an abundant coat that forms mats. The Bergamasco is compact


The head is long, more or less, proportionate to the size of the dog, with the skull and muzzle of equal length, parallel to one another, and joined at a pronounced stop. The skin on the head is tight with no wrinkles. Eyes<


Neck round and rather outstretched, tapered from head to body, well muscled, with tight skin. Topline – The withers are slightly higher and slope into the back, which must be level, straight, and firm from withers t


The shoulders are massive and strong. The shoulder blade is moderately laid back, about 60 degrees from the horizontal. The shoulder blades should be tightly knit. The upper arm is just slightly longer than the shoulder blade. The angle formed by humerus


Pelvis slopes at 35 degrees from horizontal. The upper thigh is long, wide, and well muscled. The upper thigh slopes downward and forward at a 95 degree angle from the pelvis. The lower thigh is as long as the upper, with strong bone and lean muscles. It


The Bergamasco coat is made up of three types of hair: Undercoat, “goat hair,” and outer coat. The undercoat is short, dense, and of fine texture. It is oily to the touch and forms a waterproof layer against the skin. The “goat hair̶