Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound

Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound

The Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound is calm and balanced, devoted to its owner, and reserved with strangers. He is a sound, self-assured, unafraid, biddable dog, neither shy nor aggressive.


17-20.5 inches


37-66 pounds

Life Expectency

12-15 years



An altogether balanced, somewhat light, very mobile and muscular, medium size dog. The body is slightly longer than high, slightly higher at rear, standing on not too long legs. Head carried level or slightly upwards, tail level or slanting downwards.


Skull: Relatively broad, slightly arched. Clear rise to forehead. Superciliary arches well developed; occiput not pronounced. Stop: Well defined. Nose: Of good size, not too broad. Nostrils well opened. Black or dark red. Muzzle: Somewhat off-set from



Legs seen from the front, straight and parallel; seen from the side, standing well under the body. Good angulations. Shoulder: Well slanting, laid back shoulder blade. Strongly muscled. Upper arm: Long, with good and lean muscles. Scapulo-humeral angulati


Strong bone. Seen from rear, straight and parallel. Good angulations. Upper thigh: Broad and very muscular. Stifle: Strong (stifle angulation 100 – 110 degrees) Lower thigh: Relatively long, muscular and sinewy. Hock joint: Strong. Rear pastern


Hair: Dense, close fitting, moderately harsh with little gloss. Finer on head and leathers, harsher and longer on belly, legs and tail. Color: Deep red, deer red, reddish brown, tan, also clear fawn to biscuit color, reddish grey as the winter coat of a