Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is not an Australian Cattle Dog with a docked tail. He is a naturally bob-tailed breed and stands square with plenty of leg length under the body.


18-20 inches (males), 17-19 inches (females)


38-45 lbs (males), 32-35 lbs (females)

Life Expectency

12-15 years



Shall be that of a well proportioned working dog, rather square in profile with a hard-bitten, rugged appearance, and sufficient substance to convey the impression of the ability to endure long periods of arduous work under whatsoever conditions may preva


Broad between the ears and flat, narrowing slightly to the eyes. Stop is slight but definite. The foreface is of moderate length, well filled up under the eye, the deep powerful jaws tapering to a blunt strong muzzle. Nose is black, irrespective of the


The neck is of exceptional strength, arched, muscular and of medium length, broadening to blend into the body, free from throatiness. The length of the body from the point of the breast-bone to the point of buttocks should be equal to the height of the wi


Well-boned and muscular. Viewed from any angle they are perfectly straight. Shoulder: Clean, muscular and sloping. Elbow: Parallel to the body. Forefeet: The feet should be round, strong, deep in pads with well arched toes, closely knit. Nails strong, sho


Broad, powerful and muscular. When viewed from behind the hind legs from hock to feet are straight, and placed neither close nor too wide apart. Thigh: Well developed. Stifle: Moderately turned. Hock joint: Strong, moderately let down with sufficient b


Hair: The outer coat is moderately short, straight, dense and of medium harsh texture. The undercoat is short, dense and soft. The coat around the neck is longer, forming mild ruff. The hair on the head, legs and feet, is short. Color: Blue: The dog shoul